Ifotech Clean

The Ifotech Ltd. is known as the sole importer, and the distributor in Hungary of the Swedish Trion-Tensid AB products, and also the user of their know-how system. The Trion Tensid AB company has been working in the field of the graffiti removal and protection more then 20 years now. We have an excellent and close relationship with the German Tensid Deutschland company, they also work with AGS products. We own the neccessary vehicles, the infrastructure, and the cleaning materials in stock, moreover we also have the proper financial background all these are needed for starting new projects. In addition we also have the trained and professional team of employees, plus we have the neccessary low and high-pressure washers.

Graffiti removal, special cleaning

The new paints and products are regularly monitored and tested, then we work out the neccessary procedures how to remove them. Decades of experience and many long-term experiments show that our preservatives provide a maximum protection against paint, and even against today’s most demanding marker scribbles on any types of surfaces. Due to the continuous modernization and development our products are considered to be at the forefront in the area of graffiti removal and protection.


Graffiti protection

With suitable, proper preservatives, and impregnation graffiti can be removed without damaging the protected area. Moreover these preservatives give protection against any staining, erosion, and air pollution, UV radiation and against animal feces, as well. Impregnation helps to close the open pores of the building materials and thus the area becomes water-repellent.

Square stone cleaning

With our special machines we can easily and quickly clean high streets, playgrounds, sport facilities by removing the dirt from the surface perfectly, so a close state to the original one can be reset.

Glass Renovation

GlassRenu TM is a unique and patented method of repairing glass surfaces. The process technology is developed to be quick and economical, so the most common damages can be repaired in a short period of time and in a cheaper way.