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Glass renovation

A glass renovation system for removing acid and scratch

The GlassRenu TM Europe, as a part of Gratch International, gives a complete solution to remove scratches and acids from all types of glass. GlassRenu TM is a unique and patented method of repairing glass surfaces. The process technology is developed to be quick and economical, so the most common damages can be repaired in a short period of time and in a cheaper way. The system contains the highest quality of machinery and the related supplements. With the color-coded Renudisk and combined with the special polishing paste the GlassRenu system is a very economical way of renovation.


The best solution among any other application area, and for all users

  • glazing workshops
  • public transport companies
  • Graffiti removal companies.


Simplified sanding / polishing in two steps

  • scratches removal
  • soft fleece marks seizing, and graffiti removal
  • without scratch residues and fuzzy surface !

Patented RenudisksTM with an inside cushion in order to a high efficiency Color-coded RenudisksTM to choose the simple sandpaper Special polishing paste for better and faster results

GlassRenu Acid and Scratch Removal, the entire system

The GlassRenu System, the complete system contains

  • Hard-walled portable case
  • Industrial Makita Polisher
  • 4 wheel/disc holders
  • 3 Polishing plates/ discs (3″ 5″ 6″)
  • 110 RenuDiskTM (3″ 5″ 6″ 8″)
  • 1 file (for the polished wheel)
  • Hand-held infrared thermometer
  • Wirebrush
  • GlassRenu Polishing paste
  • GlassRenu Finishing Spray
  • 2 spray bottles
  • User manual
  • RenuDisk

    The patented Renudisk is available in four sizes (3″ 5″ 6″ 8″) and with five different fineness / grit sizes, they can always be combined with the current task.The Renudisk plates are made of special evaporating material, so during removal other/ new scratches does not occur on the surface. The abrasive surfaced plates allow fast work without any glass deformation ( curling ).The Renudisk plates are marked with different colors to identify and to use them easily ( according to the damages ). So the errors caused by improper usage can be reduced to a minimum level.

    GlassRenu Polishing Paste

    This special polishing paste contains such natural minerals, that help to produce a homogeneous mixture. That guarantees the consistent polishing effect. The package, dissolved in 700 ml of water, is enough for at least 20 m2 surface.

    GlassRenu Finishing Spray

    The Finishing Spray removes the residues of the polishing paste from the glass and perfectly cleans the glass.