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Graffiti removal

Leave it for professionals!

There are a wide range, almost unlimited range of graffiti colors. The most popular ones are the acrylic and alkyd-based spray paints, which can be available in all the colors of the rainbow. The binders, such as polysalka, and the polyvinylacetate or the copolymers are very common, too. Besides these above mentioned, a two-component resin, and oil paint are also used. Paying attention to the different types of the walls there are a great number of combinations, with those we meet during our work, during application (not to mention the age of the paint and the weather conditions). The improper use of cleaning materials and the incorrect procedure of them can lead to a permanent damage of the surface. Therefore, surface-treatment should be done by a qualified staff, by professionals.

The methods of graffiti removal

By chemicals

We use chemical solvents to dissolve  the graffiti stains  and then we wash the surface
by a high-pressure hot-water washing machine.

Mechanical way

This procedure is based on a mecahnical method, we remove the stains from the surface by a mechanical way. We do it with a low-pressure blasting equipment, the air-pressure is between 0,1 and 4 bar,
the used spray materials can be sand ( size: 0,1-0,3 mm )
or glass bead sor aluminium oxide, which depend
on the surface to be cleaned.


The mechanical procedure can only be a solution in few cases, because the paintgrains are usually deeply penetrated into the surface. This method can be used for cleaning on stone or brick-faced facade and corroded metal surfaces.